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Sound One provide very high class entertainment for your special day.

Disco, singers, bands all are available in Essex, London and the South East of England. To enquire on availability contact us by clicking the e-mail link here. 

It's your big day, so chose the best! Prices start from £500 for a 4 hour reception.

Please also see the light hearted article below for some advice on booking the entertainment for your wedding.

How To: Book your wedding Disco

Ok so you've booked the church, brought the dress, arranged the bridesmaids, written the guest list, booked the car, made peace with the warring relatives, persuaded dad not to wear his flat cap to the church .......Er, what else is there? Oh yes, the reception! Just exactly what are we going to do with 60 or more of our nearest and dearest from 3 p.m. until midnight?

Of course, the meal! How silly of me, … wait a minute, … that will take us through until 7-8 p.m., what do we do with them for the rest of the evening? Oh, I don’t know, just get someone we know with an I-Pod or playlist from Spotify; that’ll keep them happy, right? … Wrong!

It’s a sad fact, but unfortunately true, (and break this to your Dad gently), only the Bride and Groom will remember the whole day, the other 58 plus will only remember how good the evening was. The success of your big day, as viewed by your closest friends, will therefore rest with the type and quality of entertainment you choose.

This article is a light-hearted look at ways of avoiding disappointment and ensuring you get the evening you deserve.

Step 1: Book the hall

Many people like to have a ‘traditional’ reception at home. If you know all your guests well, have plenty of room, and you don’t mind your furniture being scratched and carpet being ruined (if you know how to get red wine stains out, let me know!!), then fine, … if not, we strongly suggest you give the idea a miss.

A marquee in the garden is an excellent idea but relies on you having a large garden available, the lawn being expendable, the neighbours being understanding and to a certain extent, the good old British weather. It will also probably cost about the same as a licenced hall or slightly more. If this suits you then great; if not, a licensed hall is your best bet.

If you don’t already know a suitable venue, the internet is the best starting point. Do view the hall first and speak to the staff who will be there at night. If you have elderly or disabled relatives, don’t book the hall above the local pub; after a couple of sherries the stairs will tower like Mount Everest to your granny and don’t rely on anybody being sober enough to lift Great Aunt Maud’s wheelchair down six flights of stairs.

Select a hall that is the right size for your guest list and no more. Sad fact number two, is that only 60 per cent of your guest list who tell you they absolutely, positively, definitely will be there, will actually turn up (amazingly, even when the beer is free!). Lots of open space will make your guests feel vulnerable and self-conscious. Better to ‘force’ your guests onto the dance floor than have large empty spaces.

Do not pick a hall that has a large secondary bar area, unless you are happy for your guests to prop the bar up all night. Finally (contentious this one) avoid a hall with a sound limiter. Not that the band or disco needs to be very loud but in many venues we have had experience with the power tripping with the cheers from the guests welcoming the bride and groom in - not ideal. Theres a reason its there and its usually to do with neighbours. There are plenty of really great venues out there, its like buying a car - if it does not feel right, walk away

Step 2: Choose the type of entertainment

So, in an ideal world you would be able to book a line-up that mirrors this year’s Royal Variety Performance. Unfortunately, even if you could afford it, all the stars you wish to be present would probably not be available (unless your name happens to be Windsor!)

Bands or live acts on their own are generally not the ideal solution. Pop bands or singers on their own will not go down so well with the older generation. At the other end of the scale, the younger members of your party will not warm to ‘You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille’ played on a Casio keyboard with a synthesised drum as accompaniment. Especially when played 14 times over because its Uncle Fred’s favourite tune and it reminds him of the time…!

The reality is that if you rely on a live entertainer for the whole of the evening they will be only able to please a small percentage of your guests. This may be fine for select groups of people such as traditional communities. In most cases however, your objective should be to offer a form of entertainment that, by the end of evening, has provided ‘something for everyone’.

So, what’s the answer? I don’t suppose you’d be surprised if I said a disco (after all, we provide disco’s don’t we). But think about it, what other form of entertainment stands a chance of keeping everybody happy? If you do want singers – that’s fine (and we can provide some of the best) as the disco can provide the variation required before and after them but make sure the disco is used to working with live acts and can ‘engineer’ them properly – not all disco equipment (especially the cheap stuff) is up to the job.

Step 3: Book the disco

Right, we’re back to our friend with the I-Pod? Err No! What is required is an entertainer who can fill the following criteria:

  • Have a wide range of musical styles
  • Experienced enough to know what to play and when
  • Have suitable and sufficient equipment

"Well actually, I like night-club music and it’s my wedding so I get what I want, right?"……..

Err, well, if the majority of your guests will respond to this then an experienced DJ will swing his set towards that end of the musical spectrum. Likewise, if the age of your guests varies then the trick will be to ensure there is a mix of styles to keep everybody happy. (Of course, if you hire a DJ to specifically play club music all night long, then that’s your choice).

The key to hiring a good disco is to ask about his (or her) experience. Avoid booking DJ’s who have only been working for a couple of years. Don’t let them use your wedding to gain their experience. The type of experience is also relevant.

Club DJ’s may have hang-ups about playing certain types of music whilst those who have never tried clubs or pubs may not be able to relate to some of your younger guests.

The equipment the disco has is important; the sound system should be powerful enough to sound clean without straining and the lighting effective enough to create the right mood with being too obtrusive.

As with so many other important things on your wedding night, disco equipment is judged on quality not quantity! If you have a large guest list then the disco must have the resources to provide for your needs without charging you extra to hire equipment.

If you have seen the disco operating with your own eyes, then this is the best form or recommendation. After all, it is your day and you need to feel comfortable with the show you’ve booked (most of our bookings are recommendations).

So, how much should I pay? … In life, as they say, "you get what you pay for"! If you consider how much you are paying for the dress, the photographer, the hall etc., the disco is not by any means a significant portion of the expenditure. It does however, have the ability to significantly affect the outcome of the day.

In general, the charge will vary depending on the duration of the disco and will range from £450 for a standard 4 hours. You may be offered a lower price by the inexperienced, but consider this; a good disco makes money for its owners as well as providing a good evening’s entertainment for you. Also generally avoid booking the disco through the venue - thay will take 50-60% for themselves.......

Good luck and regardless of whether you decide to book us or not, have a fantastic day and please accept our congratulations!!!

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