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Mobile Disco

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We provide mobile disco's suitable for a wide range of functions, ages and music styles from back in the day to current dance anthems. Making your night the best ever is what we do! Check out our YouTube Channel and our Facebook Page

The gear we use is top quality. Sound is from a dedicated laptop with over 250,000 songs on board with a back up laptop linked to the internet. The DJ equipment costs thousands of pounds and is not to be confused with inferior / beginners equipment.

Lighting is all "state of the art" LED computer controlled to create just the right mood at just the right time

All set up well before your guests arrive with all the wires hidden behind an attractive (and expensive) LED starcloth

DJ's Like Pete Sparks have over 20 years experience, don't let you evening be a training session for an inexperienced DJ

Prices from £450 for a normal 8pm-1am within 25 miles of Stansted Airport

Contact Pete Sparks on 07971152710 or e-mail

This is a compact mobile disco suitable for up to 150 people

Similar to the mobile disco above but with more sound power

Mobile disco and band combined with yet more sound power. Suitable for up to 300 people. The band running through our disco system saving space. Please note that not all mobile disco equipment can do this, it needs to be very high quality to do this

Similar to the one above, with a band set up but with a lighting rig suitable for larger spaces like the Marquee seen here with moving head lighting mounted on trussing

From a small mobile disco to the Void rig we have here - suitable for several thousand people indoors or outdoors.

So as you can see, here at Sound-One we have the capability to deliver exactly what you want and the experience to make it unforgettable.

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